Who I am

The Past

My name is Taylor. I have worked in the field of mental health in crisis stabilization treatment settings since 2010, during which I developed an approach to help clients express their thoughts and emotions and organize them into new personal narratives.

Using my method, I have already supported more than a thousand people. By identifying themes and guiding clients toward powerful connections, I help them learn a lot about themselves and, more importantly, recognize how that self-awareness can serve their future goals.

The Moment

In 2014 I helped a friend create, outline, edit, and practice a Maid of Honor toast from scratch for her sister’s wedding just two weeks before the ceremony. By the time she was handed the mic, she was comfortable, confident, and even excited.

But there was so much more to the speech than the words she wrote or the breathing she rehearsed. The meaning that she put behind the content defined the narrative that she wanted to present and that narrative matched her sentimental goals for the toast. Upon reflection, I knew that the approach that I used to help that friend get over the obstacle of creating a speech could be offered to so many more people across a wider range of projects. 

The Now

I still help people with writing and public speaking, but my services have expanded to provide coaching around self-talk, communication styles, emotional triggers, personal branding, and entrepreneurship by way of brand narrative and storytelling. Knowing how to effectively organize, modify, and convey your story dramatically affects your self-esteem and I am confident in my ability to help in all three areas.