Personal Branding Consultant. Narrative Counselor. Storytelling Teacher. Communication Coach. Writer. Entrepreneur. Change Agent.


I have been called lots of things, but you can call me Taylor.

Since 2009, I worked in crisis mental health treatment where I developed a method to help kids and adults confidently open up and tell their stories. 

In 2014, I used that method to help a friend create a Maid of Honor toast from scratch in just a few hours. 

From there, my method evolved to not only help people draw awareness to past experiences and describe them but to also apply that awareness to writing, editing, and public speaking. Now, it has gone much deeper to help people identify their limiting beliefs, the personal value they offer the world, and how to express that in an authentic and sustainable way.

I only work with those who are ready to make huge positive change and who are willing to put in the work to live a more insightful and confident life.