Who I have helped

Here are examples of The Tailored Quill's amazing clients:

Betsy = content creation, outlining, editing, and practicing services for her Maid of Honor speech. 

Brian = editing / proofreading, formatting, and ghostwriting services for nonfiction manuscript.

Meghan = outlining and narrative development for a children’s book.

"Through the support of Taylor's consultation, I was able to move forward with a creative idea that was stagnant. As a fifth grade teacher, I aspire to write a children's book that I am able to teach literacy with. This involves keeping a traditional plot line, setting and character development, theme, and accessible vocabulary. By sharing the full story of a child I encountered in India, Taylor eloquently was able to decipher the most important details and emphasize how to highlight those in a plot sequence. His ability to synthesize and then offer multiple different plot lines for me was most helpful.

As I took notes on all the different versions of plots we created together, I gained clarity on the process and next steps of writing and the creative process of determining the details of the story itself. Taylor's openness was most helpful by leading me, but equally letting the story evolve naturally. Taylor has a creative mind that can truly meet his clients where they are at and keep their goals at the forefront of the work."


Wes = content creation, outlining, editing, and public speaking practice for Best Man wedding toast.

"My name is Wes and I sought Taylor out to help me make a memorable Best Man toast for my brother’s wedding.  I didn’t know where to start and was putting a lot of pressure on myself to come up with something. I met with Taylor and had a brief but natural conversation about my relationship with my brother, from which Taylor helped choose a theme, which led to an outline for a funny yet heartfelt toast. He helped me practice it numerous times, and the toast was a great success (plenty of laughter and tears).  It would not have been as successful had I not had Taylor with me through the process.  I would recommend his service to all."


Keri = editing, proofreading, and formatting for resume and letter of intent for graduate school.

"My name is Keri Kosloski and Taylor helped me thoroughly edit and proofread a letter of intent and my resume for my graduate school application.  Taylor’s dedication to supporting me through the process was impressive and greatly appreciated. I couldn’t have produced such a quality product without Taylor’s knowledge, patience, and expertise. He went through everything WITH me rather than doing it on his own, which gave me the opportunity to understand and learn why certain changes were made and why they mattered."


Zoe = outlining and editing services for her senior thesis paper in Neuroscience as well as her thesis defense presentation.

Sword & Plough, LLC = 1. editing and formatting for a press release, and 2. content creation, outlining, editing, and practicing services for 30 minute keynote address at the 2015 Tampa Chamber of Commerce Women of Influence Luncheon in Tampa, FL. 

Jeannie, Fit Lab LLC =  content creation and formatting for corporate speech.

"I reached out to Taylor for help with a public speaking event.  I wanted someone to help me craft a format/outline for a speech about “Well Being at Work" that would be natural for me to deliver and engaging for the audience. I wanted a structure that would be versatile enough for me to use  for future speaking events.  In less than 3 hours, Taylor guided me through what felt like an effortless process of creating a speech that I was comfortable and excited to share.  I’ve received a lot of great feedback from the event and I’m looking forward to refining and customizing it for the next time."


Christa, CrossBody Work & Massage = website copy writing, editing, and formatting.

Kyran = outlining and public speaking tips for panel presentation at corporate conference.

21st Century Narrative, LLC = organization, content creation, and narrative development for nonfiction manuscript.

Ian + Kara, JuiceBox VT = press release composition and brand narrative development.

"I've wanted to incorporate press releases into our company's ongoing marketing initiatives for some time. While they've always been on my list, actually taking the time to put the content down on paper always seemed unrealistic. Working with Taylor on this project was the absolute best thing we could have done to accomplish the goal. Not only were we able to delegate the task and actually get a result, but the product was better written and more marketable than I would have produced by a mile. I look forward to my next project with Taylor. "


Joey = editing, proofreading, and public speaking practice for Best Man wedding toast.

Nathan = editing, proofreading, and public speaking tips for Best Man wedding toast.

Austin = editing, proofreading, and public speaking tips for Best Man wedding toast.

Jessica = personal narrative coaching and assistance starting a life coaching business.

Christina = personal narrative coaching and assistance starting a wellness consultancy.

Ian + Kara, JuiceBox VT = website copy writing, editing, and formatting.

Aaron = organization, editing, and proofreading for medical school application essay.

Sarah = organization, editing, proofreading, and content creation for physician assistant application essay.

Dan = personal narrative coaching for personal branding and interpersonal communication.