A Case Of Need: How To Get Past Your Ego And Get The Help You Want

Think about the last thing you needed. I mean, really NEEDED. Like could not live without. 

What did you need?

How did you know that you needed it?

When did you know that you needed it? Was it a matter of desperation? Did you feel fear of missing something? Or of lacking? 

At what point does your survival instinct kick in and inspire you to do something about it?

Often human beings do not pursue something they need until they hit an absolute breaking point. When all alternatives are futile and the bullet is bitten to do something about it. Last week we discussed how one must get to a point of humility before they can have a breakthrough. The realization that they are not all knowing or all-powerful or perfect deflates their ego and opens space for the breakthrough connection to be made in the brain. 

But how do we know when that ego-check must occur? 

My personal opinion is that we all ought to be a little more humble all the time anyway, but the truth is that that moment of need comes at different times for everyone and everyone has very different sensitivities to need. Some freak out sooner and make a big deal of what they are missing, while others calmly recognize the need after a while and figure out how best to address it. 

People's egos get in the way of something that will help them survive. Stubbornness to go to the doctor, denial about emotional issues, even investment in something like food. 

In the mental health field, as a prime example, people's egos do not want to know that they need therapy or a certain kind of coaching so people develop arrogance about "how bad" their issues really are and try to deal with them on their own. How many people do you know who are in denial or make excuses to not get help that everyone knows they need? 


The ego creates arrogance in order to protect you from opening up about your fears and insecurities. Your ego drank the Kool Aid that it is not a good idea to be vulnerable about that stuff. 

But I ask you now to open up about your fears to yourself. In the privacy of wherever you are reading this.

If you open up, what are you afraid of? 

What is the consequence of opening up?

If you can tell yourself what you are afraid of, deep down inside, you will have successfully identified the barrier between you and your evolution. The source of your fear is the wall between you and getting the help that you so desire deep down. 

Don't hold yourself back. It is your life, after all.