[VIDEO] What Is Self-Accountability And Why Is It Important?

This video is about accountability. Not just the kind we get from bosses or friends reminding us to get things done, but instead the accountability that we can create within ourselves any time we want and how to create it for yourself.

How do you stay accountable? What are ways that you get excited about a goal and remain excited to pursue that goal in the process?

Two questions to answer:

1. Why is your X goal even a goal? Why does it matter to you to achieve?

2. What needs to be in place while you pursue that goal to ensure that you remain motivated and excited to continue pursuing it? Is it a support system? A new time management tool? Maybe a competitive business partner to push you?

Think about a goal that you are clear about in your life - or a change you want to make - and share your answers to the above questions in the comments section!