The One Mindset You Need To Handle Uncertainty | feat. Collin Morris, Part Two

How do you handle uncertainty?

Are you like so many others in the world who freak out, shy away, and simply cannot deal with uncertainty?

Fear of the unknown is such a well known fear for a reason. People cannot handle not knowing what might happen in the future. Unfortunately for those people, uncertainty is an unavoidable part of life. In fact, humans have a deep-rooted need for uncertainty because it brings them variety and new learning opportunities that help them grow.

So what if you could just embrace uncertainty, welcome it in your life as something you know won't go away? How could you do that?

All that and more in today's video, the second of a series of conversations with Collin Morris, creator of the super cool podcast and brand entitled ZION 2.0 in which he converses with guests of various backgrounds and expertises about the subjects of human development, psychology, and preparing for a successful future.

Collin embraced uncertainty in a big way when he decided to go full time with his brand. Along with so many others in the world, I can relate to this dramatic leap into the unknown.

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