Does Your Job Title Define Who You Are? Tips to stop relying on this identity...

How many people do you know settle for a job because they like the clarity about them that a job title provides? Job titles only say a fraction of who you are but so many of us hide behind them like a security cloak so that we can tell people what we are with ease.

The problem is that we then attach ourselves to that identity and rely so heavily on the label to define who we are and what we are all about that we simply blend in with everyone else.

As with everything, the underlying issue is fear. We are afraid of NOT BEING DEFINED. We crave definition so that we feel like we are something in this world or that we might be fulfilling society's definition of success.

It turns out you are so much more than your job title. If you want people to really know how powerful you are, tell them more about why you do the work you do instead of the title of that work.

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