The Gift And Curse Of Self Talk: How to rewrite your internal narrative and change your life...

Deep inside our own minds we are always talking to ourselves. Telling ourselves how we are doing, how we look, how we compare to others, and how we feel. Sadly that conversation is super negative and disheartening. We never feel like we are good enough and we continually tell ourselves that.

The internal narrative that gets reinforced affects EVERYTHING: our interactions, relationships, jobs, ambitions, and confidence every day of our lives.

We develop beliefs about ourselves based on the false expectations I discussed last week, and those beliefs inspire the internal narrative that only perpetuates the beliefs and leads us to behave in ways that reinforce the self-talk even further.

And around and around it goes.

But there is a way out.

Today's video talks about the first step you can take right now to own your self-talk and rewrite your internal narrative....and why it is important for your health...

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