The Power of External Expression | How to design what you want to share with the world...

The third and final section of the Narrative Triad is External Expression. Quite simply, External Expression is anything that is communicated to the world outside of you - most often verbally. This could be as small as a casual conversation with a friend and as large as speaking to an audience of thousands of people.

This is the final phase because it relies on how you show up in the world (visual story) and your daily self-talk (internal narrative). The state of those two determines the way you actively express yourself to the world.

Because all three are so tightly related to each other, the proper alignment of all three is crucial if you want to live a fulfilling life.

Sadly, we can all relate to a negative alignment: when you don't feel good about how you look or enthusiastic about where you are or what you are doing that you begin to be hard on yourself, criticize your ability to have a good day, which leads you talk with less energy, avoid social interactions, and lose rewarding opportunities.

Luckily, positive alignment is possible: when you have strong self-awareness and self-acceptance and enjoy what you do, you will speak with more compassion and playfulness to yourself, which will give you much more energy and relief in social situations when you must express yourself.

The triad cycles continually all day every day, over minutes and hours, all the time. Hence why this is a practice. A lifestyle. But one that is healthy and rewarding.

Question for you: what do you think is the condition of your triad? Even though all three aspects are inextricably linked, on which one do you feel like you most often get hung up?

If you can identify that, you will be able to zoom in on it and target what needs to be addressed in order to smooth out the cycle and initiate a more positive version.

Are you ready to begin?

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