Special vs. Unique | How to stand out in a world of "Special" people...

We are not special. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble.

We are unique, but we are not special.

It is cool and special that we exist in the universe, but we have a crushing desire for more specialness these days in order to feel like we as individuals are somehow more special in the universe.

We aren’t, though.

That’s just our deep desire to be good enough and worthy to earn some kind of “special” acknowledgement.

Each of us, however, is unique.


I suggest a simple mindset shift: instead of focusing on your surface-level strengths and skills that you want people to see and which make you feel SPECIAL (which, let’s be real, a lot of other people possess), consider what is specific about the way you behave and talk and do things that allows you to be good at those things.

What specific characteristics about you make you particularly skilled in day to day tasks?

If you can answer this question and dig a little deeper than the surface where a lot of others steal your spotlight, you will be able to label a skillset that only you possess…

Not only that, it is a unique skill that can be applied to every area of your life as opposed to a skill that is only useful in one setting like the office or the gym.

Let's do it together!

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