How To Change Your Life | The Difference Between Making A Change and Growing As A Person...

I meet a lot of people who know that they want to change something about their lives but they either don't know what it is or how to do it.

They get hung up on this word "change" because it can be small things - like switching up what you have for lunch - or big things - like changing your career or moving across the country. Either way, change can still be elusive and ambiguous, which is often why people do not do anything about it.

Those people ask for help when it becomes a real crisis of some kind or starts to unavoidably disrupt their daily lives, but they still don't know what change they need to make or how to make it.

That's where the idea of growth comes in.

We all want to grow. Human beings have to feel like we are making some form of progress in order to feel like we are evolving and that we will continue to survive.

While change lives in the mind on the intellectual level, growth lives in the heart on the emotional.

The real question is: In what part of you or your life do you want to grow, improve, or develop?

In what area of your life do you feel held back, trapped, or tied down in some way?

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