ANXIETY | What it really is and how to relieve it...

When was the last time you felt anxious?

It might have been just minutes ago for a lot of us.

Last week I talked about how Stress is a sensation of pressure combined with the bodily stress response that we often label as a state of anxiety.

Even though feeling anxious is intense, it is actually a healthy warning sign that something in your daily routine has been threatened and that some kind of change has occurred to which you must respond and adapt in some way.

There are two ways to respond to anxiety. I'll let you guess which one most people choose:

1. The Flight technique: for short term relief, they divert and do something to repress or ignore the anxiety trigger, or do something quickly to relieve the feeling but which will not be helpful in the long term.

2. The Fight technique: leaning into the anxiety and facing the trigger such that that trigger is eliminated in the future and one's anxiety will be lower about that thing, creating longer term healthy reactivity.

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