Is Your Ego A Good Thing? How to balance your ego and your true self for a fulfilling life

Raise your hand if you know people with a big ego...

Those people who you can't stand to be around because they are so self-absorbed. Those are people who spend way too much relying on their ego. That's why we call it an ego can get inflated.

The truth is that we all need at least a little bit of ego because it is the part of our minds that keep us aware of our relationships to daily life, our interactions therein, and our role as a human being amongst human beings on the planet. The ego is our connection to the outside world.

But too much of it is a bad thing, as we know from our arrogant coworkers and family members.

This week I explore how we can balance the use of our ego and our authentic true selves in order to create a sustainably fulfilling life.

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