I Did Not Share Any Content Last Week. Here Is What Happened To My Business...


I did not write, film, or post anything last week, yet my business survived. Nothing happened.

I have learned so many times in my entrepreneurial career the importance of consistent content marketing in order to continue reminding people you exist and to continue providing valuable information along the way so that they know that you yourself are valuable.

I know that I have value. I know that I know things. I even know that all of my content is valuable as well at least to someone somewhere.

The reason I did not post last week is not because I didn't have anything valuable to share, but because I simply was not enjoying the way I was sharing. To be specific, I was not feeling the joy of creating it on a weekly basis and it felt more like a chore than anything when the time came in the week to share something new. 

Let me be clear: it was not the content of what I was to create that bogged me down, but the method through which it was to be shared.

This is an important distinction for three reasons, all of which apply to your life too. 

1. Enjoyment

As I alluded to, I did not look forward to the prospect of taking all the required time to simply post and share my new content. The problem with this is that part of my purpose in life and one of the purposes of my work is to make life easier for those I coach:  to decrease stress and increase enjoyment as a baseline. It is hypocritical of me to teach others how to do this while I do not discipline the same habits. 

2. Authenticity

The reason not enjoying the process of sharing content is a problem is because it did not feel authentic to my personality. Something did not align. Of course I could keep practicing different sharing methods in hopes that it would eventually feel more fluid with who I am, but then we enter into the age-old debate on whether or not it is better to improve our weaknesses or amplify our strengths. 

3. Rule Setting

I realized that certain ways I was doing things with my business I had learned from many “business development” sources over the last five years I’ve been in business, and I am proud of the fact that I have at least researched and fully attempted the majority of those things I learned are “correct” or “necessary”. I am at the point in my business, however, that what works for me personally is not always what these experts have told me. 

I realized recently that trying a new sharing method, for instance, made me think that that had to be the one thing I do and focus the most on when, in reality, I did not enjoy what it demanded and, more importantly, there are actually no rules. 

I don’t have to do anything any particular kind of way and I can be just as successful, if not more so, if I make sure that my brand continues to align with how I am and the way that I personally want to change people’s lives. 

The experts I learned from are not wrong, but their lessons may not be appropriate for my personality or for this particular time in my career. 

After all, I coach people on how to set their own pace, prioritize their efforts, and how to make sure their work in life remains aligned with their personalities and purpose. 

We are all working on it together. 

So let this be a reminder for you, as it is for me while I design the badass future of my content sharing, that it is okay to go at your own pace, it is okay to press the brakes and readjust, and it is most definitely okay to prioritize your integrity by staying true to who you are and what you care about giving to the world. 

I had a great time writing and sharing this post. Let’s enjoy setting our own authentic rules together from now on. 

Are you in?