A 4 Step Strategy To Use The Chaos Of Life To Make You Happy


Life is hard.

I'm done with sugarcoating things: Life is just plain ole challenging.

Buddhist monks might rebut that with "but it doesn't have to be hard". I know it does not HAVE to be hard because it can be spiritually and energetically easier, but that does not eliminate the fact that it still presents challenges all day every day that we must face in order to continue surviving.

Even Buddhist monks have to maintain the physical effort of meditating all the time.

Life has been challenging for me recently because there is a handful of things happening that directly affect me but over which I have no control and in which I do not play an active role.

On a particularly hard day a few weeks ago, I felt defeated about how difficult life is. I asked "Why does it HAVE to be so difficult?" As in, is it NECESSARY that life is so tumultuous?

The very next day, though, after I had gotten some sleep, I reminded myself that the entire universe is made up of chaos. That is how everything came to be the way it is now. All the particles and molecules exploding everywhere and bashing into each other with no rhyme or reason ultimately formed the planet and the oceans and the species and ecosystems.

So if this state of difficulty is the state of the universe, why does it suck so much?

In the personal development / psych / holistic / coaching / self-help / wellness industries, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm are the most common issues that people suffer and all subsequent interventions or programs aim to ameliorate that suffering.

My program does too, so I am not criticizing my own industry.

Everybody I work with, though, hits points during their suffering and in their recovery where they sigh deeply and say "Man, this is tough stuff".

And that is okay. That is HUMILITY toward the fact that you are just another teeny tiny piece of this gigantic infinite-piece puzzle…

Buddhist philosophy states that the condition of living this human life is itself suffering, which makes sense if the universe is made of chaos.

As a result, all the wellness industries I listed offer something to COMBAT the chaos like the chaos is an enemy that must be perpetually fought.

For those of you who do not know me, I am much more on the side of teamwork so here is an idea: let's team up with the chaos for a change…

Chaos is in and around everything, so why don't we embrace it and cherry-pick the type of chaos that we want in our lives?

Doing so will not only empower us to own our life journeys but it will also allow us to design the kind of chaos that is interesting, enjoyable, and fulfilling to bring on our journeys.

It is as simple as answering these 4 questions:

  1. Define "chaos" for yourself. What are things in your life that you would classify as chaotic or make up your chaos? Keep it general like relationships, job, overall career, daily routines, etc.

  2. What are your limits? In other words, how much chaos in these areas can you TOLERATE before you experience your version of a stress response, panic attack, or overwhelm?

  3. What amount of chaos do you enjoy? What level of chaos in these areas of your life exhilarates or energizes you?

  4. What level of chaos would you have to maintain in order to feel fulfilled and directed in your life?

When you answer these questions, think of specific examples and real experiences from your life. We all have experienced times when the chaos of our life is too much and we get overloaded, just as we have also experienced times when the chaos is energizing and you find yourself buzzing on that frequency of activity.

This is a new way to decrease your stress and design a life you enjoy.

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