Nervousness | How to understand your nerves and how to deal with nervousness...

Remember when we were in middle school and had to present a project in front of the class?

Remember how your stomach turned over and you simultaneously felt like throwing up and peeing your pants?

The slow burning sensation in your stomach is the NERVOUSNESS.

We most often feel nervous when there is something that we are required to do, we accept that we have to do, but which we are not accustomed to or comfortable with doing.

The classic interpretation of nervousness that we are taught is that we feel nervous about things that we care a lot about - like getting a good grade on your school project.

I like to take it a step further, though, to argue that it also marks the accomplishment of some kind of task, which elevates you to whatever next step that completion of the first task preceded. It's like a "okay, I made it" moment where you not only acknowledge the achievement but also you will be invited to begin working on the next level of it.

So in short, nervousness actually marks a moment of celebration!

But it still does not feel awesome, I know.

Just like anxiety, though it is a positive occurrence, nervousness is not fun to feel and leads people to react in the same two directions as we discussed last week with anxiety (refer back to last week's video).

What do you think? Is nervousness positive for you?

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