What I offer

Job Interview Mastery

4 hour commitment. You will identify:

  • skills / core values / ambition
  • how to integrate them
  • how to articulate them
  • networking strategy
  • in-interview strategy
  • reminders / questions to ask



7 hour commitment. You will explore: 

  • personal narrative & self - talk
  • skills / core values / ambition
  • how to integrate & articulate
  • personalized strategy
  • content plan
  • cross-media expression
  • networking strategy
  • market interviews
  • reiteration / reflection

Self-Awareness Subscription

            This membership package is for you if you: 

  • are not ready to commit to one of the above packages
  • you have worked with me before and want to continue self-reflecting
  • you're a fan of self-awareness and want to be part of our community

            You will receive:

  • a monthly reflection activity from me delivered right to your inbox (It might be imaginative and fun or difficult and deep).
  • unfettered access to me  and the entire Tailored Quill community!  

Make Your Own!

Do you love self-awareness but you don't see an option that you like? Or maybe you see some interesting things up top that you want to try? That's fine! Let's create a session together to fit your unique goals right now. One session at a time, one flat rate.

Still not sure which option fits best? That is okay. Get in touch to schedule your free strategy call!