Taylor Wilkins

Since 2009, I worked in mental health treatment where I developed a method to help kids and adults who attempted or considered suicide use story / narrative to make sense of their life events, change their thought patterns, and live more confidently. 

I felt limited by the constraints of the mental health industry and decided to take my skills on the road.

I call my business The Tailored Quill because everything I have ever done / currently do for people can be oversimplified as "customized self-expression".  I used my method first to help clients with writing, editing, and public speaking.

Now, it goes so much deeper to draw their awareness to limiting thought patterns, define their personal power, and strategize how to contribute that power in their careers and relationships. 

Not only can anyone in the world benefit from this, but the new awareness and confidence can be applied to communication skills, personal branding, and marketing / networking.

Ruin is the path to transformation

My own journey has been one of epic self-discovery in which I was introduced to my authentic self in a brutal way. The freedom that came from the pain, however, allowed me to construct the person I have always wanted to be and the life I have always wanted to live. 

To make change and live the life you want, everyone must meet their authentic self. That means they must meet their inauthentic self first and break away from it.

That separation causes pain. It can be lonely, isolating, and absolutely terrifying.

I endured that transformational pain on my own, but now I support that transformation in others so that they do not have to do it alone.