What I do

It's all about storytelling. I understand the importance of individual attention in the pursuit of self-expression, so all of my services are customized to your unique needs. From the menu below, choose a service that matches your goals or bundle them together!


  • ORGANIZE: idea / content creation and comprehensive outlining.
  • EDIT: editing and proofreading for grammar, structure, content flow, and overall narrative.
  • PRACTICE: systematic public speaking coaching sessions and self-expression exercises.



    1. Life Story Reorganization #1: to redirect and realign your personality, skills, and goals (for personal health or one task / project).
    2. Life Story Reorganization #2: for professional direction and overall productivity.
    1. Brand Story: guidance in developing and clarifying the story behind your brand and the message you want it to convey.
    2. Brand Story in Writing: supervision over expressing your story across written media i.e. blogs, social media posts, and press materials.
    3. Brand Story in Speech: coaching your story's expression through creating, practicing, and, most importantly, modifying a speech for different audiences.  


Examples of projects to which The Tailored Quill's services are applied include:

  • Wedding Toasts
  • Academic thesis and dissertation presentations
  • Corporate presentations (meetings, conventions, panels, etc.)
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Format design, content outlining, and editing for Blogs
  • Development and ongoing expression of Brand Narrative 
  • Corporate communications (press releases, sales pitches, etc.)

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