What I offer

It's all about you.

I understand the importance of individual attention in the pursuit of self-expression, so every service I offer is customized to your unique needs. 

1. Focused Narrative Projects

focused writing / editing / coaching for website text, blogs, any-length written pieces, and public speaking.

2. Narrative Coaching, single session 

individual coaching sessions 

3. Narrative Coaching, 5 Session Package: Definition

systematic definition of skills, values, and goals, identification of fears / obstacles / limiting self-talk, and customized strategy for implementing new narratives.

4. Narrative Coaching, 10 Session Package: Definition & Distribution 

All of #3, plus guidance on applying the new narrative to future communication, career steps, and business creation. 

5. Narrative Extras!

specialized coaching for expressive writing, networking skills, and job interview preparation

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