What I offer

It's alI about you.

I understand the importance of individual attention in the pursuit of self-expression, so every service I offer is customized to your unique needs. 

1. Focused Narrative Projects

Focused story coaching for projects related to website copy, blog formatting / editing, and public speaking.

2. Narrative Coaching, single sessions 

ongoing support sessions to help you define your unique narrative and maintain it in the pursuit of personal or professional goals.

3. Narrative Coaching, 5 Session Package: Definition

Digging into your personality and / or brand, defining the narrative, and outlining a direction for that new narrative.

4. Narrative Coaching, 10 Session Package: Definition, Design, and Distribution 

All of the above digging, defining, and directing plus guidance on designing the ongoing narrative and strategic goal setting for content distribution, narrative maintenance across media and audiences, and continual narrative reiteration. 

5. Narrative Reboot 

For growing brands / small businesses who need a review of their narrative and strategy either following restructuring, employee transition, or new product rollouts.

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