What clients say

Jeannie L.

Public Speaking

"I reached out to Taylor for help with a public speaking event.  I wanted someone to help me craft a format/outline for a speech about “Well Being at Work" that would be natural for me to deliver and engaging for the audience. I wanted a structure that would be versatile enough for me to use  for future speaking events.  In less than 3 hours, Taylor guided me through what felt like an effortless process of creating a speech that I was comfortable and excited to share.  I’ve received a lot of great feedback from the event and I’m looking forward to refining and customizing it for the next time."

Meri L.

Job Interview prep

"I sought Taylor's help to streamline my thoughts in preparation for upcoming job interviews. He helped me to prioritize what skills and experiences were important to convey in an interview setting, which boosted my confidence moving forward.

The most important part of meeting with Taylor was his ability to see the larger picture of what I was looking to accomplish and help me describe myself better. I appreciated his ability to judge tone of voice and flow of conversation to highlight what experiences/ ideas came across as authentic to who I am. He did a great job tailoring the session to my needs from the start and we were able to accomplish everything that I wanted."

Monica S.


"I needed help with portraying myself and my services to people via my website. Something I wasn't expecting was that you challenged me to get even more creative with the delivery than I originally planned. It was really helpful to have an outsider with your skill look in on the building process and be able to give feedback to guide it. 

You were supportive and very easy to talk to. This helped me feel safe to express my ideas, which in the end helped reach a true representation of my mission. It was very helpful to be able to discuss my doubts as well! You helped me see parts of me that were getting in my own way. I appreciate that.

Most helpful was your ability to ask great questions to pull out the passion and creativity of my vision. Then, you would take my disorganized rant of thoughts and repeat it back to me in a more logical manner. Since I was able to then make more sense out of it, I got more clarity on my own ideas...which is totally weird to say, but it's true. Also, your edits at the end were great! Thank you!"