I want you to get the most out of your life so that you’re happy with it at the time of your death.


I know, a bit heavy, but that is my purpose.

If you know yourself as deeply as possible and live a life aligned with who you are and what you can uniquely give, you can be proud of your life and prevent any regrets at the end of it.

To serve my purpose, I use numerous psychotherapeutic techniques to bring you the peace of remembering you are human and the clarity that your life has its own unique meaning and value.

Then we put our imaginations together and have fun designing what your fulfillment looks like and what new steps you must take to achieve it.

I work 1:1 with individuals but I also lead group programs and teach / speak to larger groups.

Before starting my company in January 2015, I worked in crisis stabilization mental health treatment programs primarily with suicidal populations of children first and then adults.

In addition to learning therapeutic techniques, I also developed an approach that efficiently illustrated an individual’s life events and patterns in a way they’d never conceived, and I then customized treatment activities for them to unlock the patterns and start designing new ones such that their lives would look a way that they had not thought of, which was both exciting and empowering for them.

When I started my business, I applied that approach to help people find their voice through writing and public speaking projects, but it swiftly evolved to help them learn their life purpose, foster self-compassion, and embrace what makes them unique, all with the backdrop of using their voice to express who they really are.


Life is about honesty and living life as the real you.


Born and raised in Vermont, I have lived numerous places around the U.S. and currently reside in New York City.


Specializations & Certifications:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Career Calling coaching
  • NeuroMotive Coaching
  • Logotherapy
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