How To Ignite Your Motivation And Dominate Any Goal You Set In A Matter Of Weeks 

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Life is confusing.

We all want to live meaningful lives and to fulfill our potential, but we are not sure how.


Worse, there are a lot of confusing messages out there with suggestions...


It is naturally programmed into us to want to evolve, make progress, and grow.

The problem is that society, social media, and people in our lives all have opinions on how you are supposed to achieve that.

Take that job. Marry that Person. Live in that place.

But what if you want to live a life more aligned with your unique personality?


That is where BECOME THE HERO comes in.


Taylor Wilkins, the founder of The Tailored Quill and co-creator of Become The Hero, believes that we too often look outside of ourselves for how we are supposed to live our lives and be happy, when the answers to true happiness, purpose, and fulfillment are found within…

It is time to put the focus back on you and what YOU want to get out of life.


This is the purpose of BECOME THE HERO


As a student of Become The Hero, you get 14 short, but incredibly detailed, lessons on topics ranging from motivation to life purpose, presented in a highly structured sequence (Scroll down for course content).


The course is taught by Taylor Wilkins and Brandon Clift, two highly trained coaches with over 20 years' experience, each lending their expertise to help you unblock everything that is holding you back (Scroll down to meet your coaches).


Coaching from Brandon and Taylor together like this usually costs over $4,000 a month, but you can get lifetime access to their teaching for a tiny fraction of that today.  


Originally presented as a 14-day challenge, this course is designed to be completed at your own pace, on your schedule.

You are in control of what you achieve, and your journey to achieve it should be in your control as well…  

Become the hero of your life today!

You can't get where you want to go if you don't know what you want to achieve

This course will illuminate: 

Your personal roadblock

No surface-level fluff - just the hard truth of what's in your way

Your life purpose and calling

Identify what you want to achieve in life

Your steps to success

Plan the journey to achieve your purpose

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"This course helped me expand in ways that I have been trying to do for years.


I am feeling fulfilled and grateful that I was able to break down my self-limiting beliefs to be the best version of myself."


- Myles S.

Get lifetime access to all lessons, live discussion replays with Brandon and Taylor, and downloadable workbooks. 

Take a look inside the course:

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Course Content

INTRO:  Where to start

LESSON 1:  Your Calling

LESSON 2:  Your Resistance

LESSON 3:  Your Heroes & Role Models

LESSON 4:  Your Motivation

LESSON 5:  Your Relationships

LESSON 6:   Your Inner Battle

LESSON 7:  Your Sacrifice

LESSON 8:  Your New Power

LESSON 9: Your Future Vision

LESSON 10:  Your Why & Purpose

LESSON 11: Your Commitment

LESSON 12:  Your New Path

LESSON 13:  Your New Story


This course is for you if:

  • you feel stuck
  • you feel confused
  • you feel aimless
  • you want your life to mean something
  • you want to wake up knowing you offer something of value
  • you want SIMPLIFIED, supportive instruction

It is NOT for you if:

  • you want the magic pill to fix everything TODAY
  • you think you are a victim

  • you think fulfillment does not require work

  • you love consuming self-help content but you will not act on what you learn (we want people who are serious)

"This is a phenomenal experience that I think everyone on earth should go through.


Helping us get clarity on what we want in our lives can alleviate so much pain and suffering. I wish there was a Taylor and Brandon guide for everyone."


- Rayna L.

Meet Your Coaches

Taylor Wilkins, founder of The Tailored Quill

Through over ten years working in crisis mental health and guiding more than 10,000 individuals, a lot of whom were suicidal, Taylor developed an  approach to show you that life can actually be different than what you think it's supposed to be and that your beliefs, stories, and emotions about your future can be rewritten.

Brandon Clift, founder of In The Zone 

Over the last eight years, Brandon has been a coach in the lifestyle, fitness, and mental health spaces helping people redefine goal setting, accountability, and personal achievement.

Now a certified business coach, Brandon continues to guide his clients to harness their intrinsic value to create the impact their businesses are capable of.

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Course only

  • 14 Action-oriented lessons from two expert coaches
  • Live discussion replays for each lesson
  • Downloadable workbook to follow along 
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS 1: The TAILORED HAPPINESS WORKSHEET to help you define your fulfillment in ten minutes!
  • BONUS 2:  step-by-step Guide to UNDERSTAND YOUR RESISTANCE & limiting beliefs
  • BONUS 3:  step-by-step Guide to OVERCOME FEAR
  • BONUS 4: step-by-step Guide to REDEFINE FAILURE



Course + implementation guides

  • 14 Action-oriented lessons from two expert coaches
  • Live discussion replays for each lesson
  • Downloadable workbook to follow along 
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS 1: The TAILORED HAPPINESS WORKSHEET to help you define your fulfillment in ten minutes!
  • BONUS 2:  step-by-step Guide to UNDERSTAND YOUR RESISTANCE & limiting beliefs
  • BONUS 3:  step-by-step Guide to OVERCOME FEAR
  • BONUS 4: step-by-step Guide to REDEFINE FAILURE

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