Free 60 minute private coaching session with Taylor to strategize your psychological freedom, life purpose, and unique fulfillment.

This call can include:

  • discussing your questions about mental health, therapy, or personal development,
  • helping you understand your emotions,
  • OR guiding your definition of life goals your unique life purpose, and what is holding you back...

...all of which according to your comfort and goals.

Taylor meets you where you are at and uses his 15 years of knowledge to help you explore what you want to explore and map out your healthy, fulfilling future.

No strings attached, completely risk-free.

NOTE: This 60 minute session cannot be divided up into multiple shorter sessions. Please make sure you are on time for the call and prepared with note-taking materials.

If any changes need to be made to your appointment, please contact Taylor at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled time:

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