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Connect with humans again and let your uniqueness shine

2020 has impacted everyone's mental health in unique ways, but the common denominators have been 1) increased feelings of isolation and disconnect, and 2) a sense of diminished personal value (as in: "There is nothing I can do right now to help and contribute to the world.")

That lonely deflation lowers our self-confidence and motivation to the point where many simply feel alone and scared. 

I have been affected, too. Even though I am an introvert and work from home, I could not help but feel disturbed by the global uncertainty: How long this will all last, what I can do to help, and how I can stay connected with others. 

Your home sure feels smaller when you're quarantined in it for an undefined amount of time. 


All I needed to do, though, was remember my purpose in life and focus on it in order to rebuild my confidence and maintain my connection with family, friends, and clients.

You see, we are all programmed way down inside of us to know that we will survive better if we are in a community of other people, and the only way to maintain that community is by being able to show up authentically and support one another.  

Imagine what RELIEF would come from all of us feeling confident, knowing our unique purpose and gifts, and being able to connect with others in an open and honest way.

Imagine how much more productive we could be.

How much more open and accepting

How much more loving and compassionate.

If we could just remember our strength...

This is why I created THE TAILORED U.

A place where you won't only receive specific training to know yourself and bolster your self-confidence but where you will also get to connect with other people and let your UNIQUE BADASSNESS be seen and honored by others on the very same journey so that we can all get back to serving the world however we want to...together.

I invite you to join me...

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Supportive Community

An interactive forum to connect with fellow members and receive extra support.

"The Ah-ha's I had during this have helped me expand in ways that I have been trying to for years.

I am feeling fulfilled and grateful that you allowed me to break down my limiting beliefs to be the best version of myself."

Gerald - Colorado, USA

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"This is a phenomenal experience that I think everyone on earth should go through.
Helping us get clarity on what we want in our lives can alleviate so much pain and suffering.
I wish there was a Taylor and Brandon guide for everyone."

Vaughn - Utah, USA

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