Rayna L.

I was so scared of transitioning from my corporate gig to a freelance artist. I was miserable and scared and felt lost but didn't know how to make that jump. Solving this on my own was incredibly frustrating and made me feel even more stuck.

In just a matter of minutes, Taylor was able to provide me with a different perspective on my thinking. Therefore, I wanted to find out what else I was telling myself that isn't beneficial to me. I believed that you were able to provide me with a fresh perspective so I didn't feel stuck in my narrative that I was telling myself.

I was also going to a therapist during our beginning sessions and actually found your coaching to be more helpful. With your coaching, I felt like you asked me more specific questions that targeted certain frustrations in my life. I actually provided you less data points but you were able to make sense/analyze the fewer data points better than the therapist that had more data points.

 All sessions provided incremental positive changes in my way of thinking and were equally powerful as they all tackled something different.

I feel more brave to pursue my dreams. I realized that I was hiding behind a lot of logical excuses that prevented me from pursuing anything. I don't want to feel like I need a health scare to push me to pursue what I want out of my life. 


Brandon C.


Suzanne C.

Prior to working with Taylor, like most 20somethings, I was feeling absolutely overwhelmed by every aspect of life. I know this is a pretty common feature of young adulthood, but I was becoming aware that my struggle felt exacerbated by an inner voice that, without realizing, I had been obeying my whole life. This voice was beating me up for decisions I had made in the past, for my current place in life, and most importantly, it was stopping me from trusting myself and making any effective decisions to exit a rut I had fallen into. Trying to change the way I treated myself was virtually impossible because, without a compassionate observer, I didn’t fully realize how mean I was to myself.

Enter Taylor. As someone who typically rolls their eyes when given any sort of advice or feedback, Taylor’s ability to counter my cynicism while getting me to slow down and think deeply felt so much more authentic and helpful than any other friend or family member’s approach.

His ability to actively listen to my often endless negative stream of consciousness, and then help transform it into a success story allowed me to make small yet incredibly effective changes in my life. When Taylor helped me truly believe the things I hated or blamed about myself were actually some of my best qualities, and I began to embrace and use those qualities to my advantage, I began to feel confident and in control of my decisions.

Since working with Taylor, at the basic level I am generally more aware of who I am. He helped me understand that the circumstances and events that shaped me are not wrong or terrible, and how to move forward and grow from the past. Most importantly, he helped me stop constantly seeking the approval of others, and helped me curate a plan that worked for ME specifically.

With his empathy and seemingly unbelievable depth of understanding, he helped me navigate difficult situations, and I found myself navigating with independence and confidence.

With the immense help of Taylor’s coaching, I have moved to a city I’ve always wanted to live in, I’m in a fulfilling relationship that I do not feel stuck or trapped in (which I didn’t think was possible), and I have a clearer vision of what I want for my future, career and personal, and why I want those things.

On the days that I don’t feel like I’m completely thriving, I am able to self reflect in a positive, wholesome way, not using the negative self-talk I’d been trained to use since childhood.

When my brain starts to lean on its old tendencies, I now literally think to myself what would Taylor say/think/ask ? At the risk of sounding too cliche, I am positive I wouldn’t be where I am now without Taylor’s coaching.


Chelsea R.


Dan M.

“My biggest personal challenge had been clearly identifying my PURPOSE. I wanted to not only voice that more succinctly, but also better understand it for myself. So often, I feel like I only get to hear my own self talk or information from people who matter to me, where the advice or feedback they're giving is biased with love.

I appreciated getting to discuss with someone else, and it was helpful to hear reflected back the aspects of my personality or thinking that stand out. Taylor is a genuine dude with a real knack for listening to people and learning their stories.”


Aly M.
Cara R.

Especially during such an uncertain time, Taylor has helped me understand myself on a new level. One where I find peace and greater confidence.

His passion also really shines through and I always feel how much he cares about the work he does. I really cannot thank him enough.

Taking the plunge to work with Taylor has been one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.


Jessica A.

“It is liberating how letting myself be vulnerable led to feeling transparent on a regular basis. I am now able to recognize that to feel the things I really want to feel, have the conversations I really want to have, make the kind of relationships I want to make, that being transparent has brought me drastically closer to all those things, AND that my being transparent brings out different levels of vulnerability in other people, too. 

I am also able to make decisions without the stress and mental conflict because I have clarity about what I want and what I’m focused on - and how relieving and liberating that is - and that I am able to much more quickly make that kind of decision.”


Monica S.

You were supportive and very easy to talk to. This helped me feel safe to express freely my ideas, which in the end helped reach a true representation of my mission.

Most helpful was your ability to ask great questions to pull out the passion and creativity of my vision and you challenged me to be even more creative with the delivery that I originally planned on. 

Taylor would take my disorganized rant of thoughts and reverberate it back to me in a more logical manner. Since I was able to then make more sense out of it, I got more clarity on my own ideas.

What would you like to learn about yourself and overcome in your life?

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