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Life is challenging.

We work so hard just to survive that we want the effort to mean something.


To be worth it.


We all want to be successful and fulfilled, but we aren't sure how to begin.

So we try courses and read books and go to events, but we get confused trying to apply it to our lives.

That confusion adds stress, and that stress adds pressure on to our already busy and pressured lives.

Whether it be in your work, your relationships, or your health, you feel that pressure compound.

Then you feel alone and stuck because you don’t know what to do.


That is where the TAILORED U comes in.


Taylor Wilkins, the founder and coach of The Tailored U, believes that the relief and clarity you need does not have to be delivered at a big seminar, or over years of therapy, or from a self-help book. 

It comes instead from gaining the right insights and being asked the right questions in a clear and simplified way.

This formed the basis of The Tailored U.

As a Tailored U member, you get LIVE monthly life coaching from Taylor himself.

Every month, Taylor will come on to teach a different perspective to help offer new clarity, new strategies, and a streamlined path to your version of success and happiness.

You can watch live and participate, or access the replay anytime, at your own pace. 

Coaching from Taylor usually costs more than $2000 a month, but you can get LIVE access to it in The Tailored U for less than $2 a day.

Join for less than $2 a day!

The Tailored U is NOT just any "self-help" program. It offers:

Deep Insights

No surface-level fluff or wasted time

Practical Strategies

Not just inspirational hype

Professional Support

No need to feel alone on your journey

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Meet Your Coach

Taylor Wilkins, founder of The Tailored Quill and creator of The Tailored U

Through over ten years working in crisis mental health and guiding more than 10,000 individuals, a lot of whom were suicidal, Taylor developed an approach to show you that life can actually be different than what you think it's supposed to be and that your beliefs, stories, and emotions about your future can be rewritten.

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Here is a screenshot of what The Tailored U looks like:

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Simplify your personal development

Listen to Taylor talk about the importance of simplicity:


"Taylor has such a unique way of asking questions that are so simple, but powerful and different.


I loved the way he is able to frame the lesson around these questions and build on ideas in such a succinct, clear way, and sprinkle in some anecdotes to keep it from getting dry."

- Michaella R.

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  • Live monthly life coaching workshop
  • Live Q&A
  • Detailed workbook to follow along 
  • Free Gift: The TAILORED HAPPINESS WORKSHEET to help you define your fulfillment in ten minutes!


$497 / year


  • Live monthly life coaching workshop
  • Live Q&A
  • Detailed workbook to follow along 
  • Free Gift: The TAILORED HAPPINESS WORKSHEET to help you define your fulfillment in ten minutes!


$697 / year


  • All Advanced features, plus:
  • BONUS LIFETIME ACCESS to our flagship online course, BECOME THE HERO, designed to help you identify what is holding you back and map out your purpose in life (usually $397 on its own - now 50% off!)

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